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Mark Rodgers Owner of Cheese on Towcest' Towcester

About Cheese on Towcest'

We are a modern take on a British classic…


As an online cheesemonger we aren’t restricted to standing in one place at a time.


We source, taste and select the best of British and Irish artisan cheese and chutney to bring you a monthly dose of the good stuff, delivered to your door.


All the cheese we showcase is lovingly handcrafted by some of the most amazing people that the industry has to offer.


Our aim is to bring you the cheese

and the story behind it.

Cheese on Towcest' Logo

Our 'homage to fromage'

Most of the UK cheese industry was destroyed by lawmakers after World War Two but has been on the up since changes to regulations in the mid 70s and we have seen a huge revival in cheesemaking as a whole in the UK.


With this renaissance there are now over 800 different artisan cheeses made in the UK and Ireland - so something for everyone!

Our 'homage to fromage' was set up in 2020.


Like many across the country during the spring of 2020, I found myself on furlough due to the covid-19 pandemic.


I have always been passionate about cheese, from an early age and have been making cheese for friends and family for a number of years with a long-term goal of one day becoming a cheesemonger.


Finding myself in unusual circumstances, with an abundance of time and energy and having heard of farmers throwing excess milk away and cheese spoiling in the ageing rooms, I was compelled to do something.

Gourmet Cheese Selection from Cheese on Towcest' Towcester
Mark Rodgers Owner of Cheese on Towcest' Towcester

Setting up as an online cheesemonger was a realisation of a long-held ambition combined with the idea to support artisan cheesemakers and bring something different to the residents of Towcester and surrounding villages.

Fast forward to today and our monthly cheese selections boxes are a big hit – we are now delivering nationally and we love delivering personally to the local area, it is great to see so many happy faces when cheese arrives on the doorstep, sometimes just in time for breakfast!


We also have a weekly spot at Buckingham Town Market and at Kidlington in Oxford and you can find us at the monthly Towcester and Woburn Farmers’ Markets.

Mark Rodgers,
Owner & Cheesy Guy

Cheese on Towcest' Logo

Cheese on Towcest' in the Media


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