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Everyone is happy when the cheese comes out!

It's been a while since I have sat down to write a blog, we welcomed our very own mini cheddar into the world in August. It has been a time of celebration (and lack of sleep) but we'll go with the former which sets the tone for my musings this week.


I once read that it was tradition to make fresh crowdie for new mothers in Scotland and in France it was considered good luck to receive Brie as a homecoming gift - for the mother, not the little one, obviously!

Nowadays almost every celebration calls for a cheeseboard and all the trappings to go with it, whether it is individual boards presented on tables for guests to share or whole rounds of cheese stacked like the traditional cake (sometimes as well as an actual cake!) for weddings, birthdays, christenings and housewarmings to name just a few. It is incredible to think that this wasn't considered a thing ten years ago but more recently we have seen an increase in people wanting cheese "to top things off with".

At cheese HQ we are often asked "what is a good cheese that everyone likes?" and "can we recommend a crowd pleaser?" to which we have no definitive answer - what I tend to advise is that there are lots of different tastes in the room, some like blue, cheddar and brie - others don't. the trick is not to go to hard on any one type of cheese, it's a celebration and you want to get everyone involved. If you opt for smaller quantities of a wider variety then everyone will join in and there is a chance there will be very little left for you to have to bung in the fridge later on!

When we are putting together a bespoke cheese "cake" we always ask about colour schemes for the big day as cheese comes in all different varieties, shades and hues. There is always something to suit everyone. One of our favourite combinations at the minute is the Cornish Yarg, with either a soft gooey brie and a farmhouse red Leicester or a clothbound cheddar as the colours and textures compliment each other without clashing. They are all definite crowd pleasers too! But whatever the occasion, we will find something eye-catching and delicious for you!

If you are planning a celebration and would like to know more about our bespoke cheese cakes and platters then we'd love to hear from you - get in touch via our website: or email

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